Introducing: Baby Logan!

I thank God for newborn sessions like Logan’s. He was perfect! It amazes me how tiny he was. I’m pretty sure he weighed at least 7lbs, but compared to Hudson weighing in at a whopping 9lbs, that’s TINY! He was so sleepy and cuddly I could have stayed there all day snuggling him. What a sweet blessing! Also, Sarah’s mom was there throughout the session and snagged a couple “behind the scenes” photos of me working. I thought it would be fun to share a couple! Looking at them reminded me just how much I LOVE my job!!

Logan--3 Logan--4 Logan--5 Logan- Logan--2

And the finished product…

Logan-6308 Logan-6312 Logan-6315 Logan-6330  Logan-6380 Logan-6392 Logan-6411 Logan-6414  Logan-6441


Sweet Maternity

I was SO excited when Criselda Sweet messaged me about maternity photos. I can’t even believe she’s having TWINS!! She definitely makes pregnancy look easy.  Her and Johnny are so thrilled to be welcoming a baby girl and boy into their home in a few short months. We had a blast downtown taking some “Sweet” photos of her baby bump, (I had to make a cheesy sweet joke at least once)! Feel free to Pin images you like!

Sweet Maternity-3908Sweet Maternity-3914 Sweet Maternity-3923 Sweet Maternity-3935 Sweet Maternity-3944 Sweet Maternity-3961 Sweet Maternity-3980 Sweet Maternity-3984 Sweet Maternity-3998 Sweet Maternity-4029 Sweet Maternity-4039 Sweet Maternity-4063 Sweet Maternity-4069 Sweet Maternity-4073 Sweet Maternity-4076 Sweet Maternity-4082 Sweet Maternity-4094 Sweet Maternity-4106 Sweet Maternity-4120

Introducing: Mr. + Mrs. Fox

I waited over a year to photograph Katrina and Aaron’s wedding and all of that time anticipation built. Let me just say, their wedding did NOT disappoint! These two are such a fun-loving couple and their adoration for each other is undeniable. The Clayton on the Park proved the perfect venue for this couple’s big day providing some pretty awesome back drops for their photos! Congratulations Kat and Aaron Fox!!

Kat + Fox-0018 Kat + Fox-0017 Kat + Fox-0025 Kat + Fox-0031 Kat + Fox-0045 Kat + Fox-2866 Kat + Fox-2870 Kat + Fox-2836 Kat + Fox-2824 Kat + Fox-2819 Kat + Fox-2814 Kat + Fox-2715 Kat + Fox-2767 Kat + Fox-2883 Kat + Fox-2889 Kat + Fox-0043-2 Kat + Fox-2899 Kat + Fox-2710 Kat + Fox-2904 Kat + Fox-2908 Kat + Fox-2938 Kat + Fox-2941 Kat + Fox-3001 Kat + Fox-3002 Kat + Fox-2990-2 Kat + Fox-3015 Kat + Fox-0400 Kat + Fox-0398 Kat + Fox-0390 Kat + Fox-3810 Kat + Fox-3052 Kat + Fox-3060 Kat + Fox-3062 Kat + Fox-3066 Kat + Fox-3110 Kat + Fox-3106 Kat + Fox-3132 Kat + Fox-3180 Kat + Fox-3148 Kat + Fox-3238 Kat + Fox-3256 Kat + Fox-3269 Kat + Fox-3262 Kat + Fox-3439 Kat + Fox-3454 Kat + Fox-3461-2 Kat + Fox-3466 Kat + Fox-3408 Kat + Fox-3391 Kat + Fox-3386 Kat + Fox-3363 Kat + Fox-3311 Kat + Fox-3476 Kat + Fox-0360 Kat + Fox-3519 Kat + Fox-3583 Kat + Fox-3595 Kat + Fox-3607 Kat + Fox-3620 Kat + Fox-3636 Kat + Fox-3709 Kat + Fox-3712 Kat + Fox-3844 Kat + Fox-2669 Kat + Fox-3798 Kat + Fox-3783 Kat + Fox-3781 Kat + Fox-3774 Kat + Fox-3771 Kat + Fox-3768 Kat + Fox-3765 Kat + Fox-3760 Kat + Fox-3756 Kat + Fox-3856 Kat + Fox-3804 Kat + Fox-3904 Kat + Fox-3910 Kat + Fox-3921 Kat + Fox-3935 Kat + Fox-3942 Kat + Fox-4053 Kat + Fox-3953 Kat + Fox-4019 Kat + Fox-4018 Kat + Fox-4056 Kat + Fox-4021 Kat + Fox-4146 Kat + Fox-4353 Kat + Fox-4213 Kat + Fox-4220 Kat + Fox-4315 Kat + Fox-4388 Kat + Fox-4722 Kat + Fox-4367 Kat + Fox-4577 Kat + Fox-4773 Kat + Fox-4781

Baby Baumert #2 Reveal!

I am so excited to announce the gender of sweet baby Baumert #2!! Not sure how big brother Timmy feels about it though haha!


BabyBReveal-0849 BabyBReveal-0850 BabyBReveal-0855 BabyBReveal-0859 BabyBReveal-0861 BabyBReveal-0868 BabyBReveal-0877 BabyBReveal-0878 BabyBReveal-0887 BabyBReveal-0886 BabyBReveal-0890 BabyBReveal-0919 BabyBReveal-0933 BabyBReveal-0947 BabyBReveal-0951 BabyBReveal-0977

Introducing: Beau Shooter

For those of you who remember, I was really diligent about working out during my pregnancy. BUT I have to credit Lindsey Shooter for it 100%! This sweet friend is starting a pregnancy personal training company called Preggercise. I was SO blessed to be one of her first clients and I truly believe our sessions contributed to my super easy delivery, (with a 9 pound baby mind you). Well I’m excited to introduce the newest member of her family, Beau Shooter! Isn’t he precious?! Not to mention his nursery might just be the best ever. Congrats DJ and Lindsey!!


J+S-5258 J+S-5274 J+S-5291 J+S-5305 J+S-5313 J+S-5319 J+S-5324 J+S-5333 J+S-5360 J+S-5368 J+S-5371 J+S-5372 J+S-5375 J+S-5378 J+S-5383 J+S-5386 J+S-5389 J+S-5401  J+S-5434 J+S-5452 J+S-5470


Sometimes when you’re photographing a wedding you hit a sweet spot. The lighting is perfect, the setting lends itself for creativity, the couple is warmed up and looking GOOD. That’s what happened with this series of photos I snapped at Kat and Aaron’s wedding last month. Check it out.

Kat + Fox-3422 Kat + Fox-3461 Kat + Fox-3454 Kat + Fox-3432 Kat + Fox-3436 Kat + Fox-3439 Kat + Fox-3466

Christmas 2013 and Typhoon Haiyan

The Giving. Jon and I planned to use all the money I made this year from Christmas photos for gifts for our family. I knew it wouldn’t be much because I didn’t want to take on that many sessions this year. Hudson is surprisingly needy and takes up a lot of my time 😉 However, after lots of prayer and some serious conversations we decided our money would be best used elsewhere. All of our friends and family have everything they need (and want for that matter), but in light of recent disasters that is not the case for most people around the world. Jon and I decided to give 100% of my profits this Christmas to the Red Cross for Typhoon Haiyan relief efforts and that’s exactly what we did. Thank you to everyone who booked sessions with me. YOU are the reason I was able to give this Christmas.

The Business. I want giving to set the tone for Keira Grace Photography in 2014. I’ve always wanted my business to be a part of something bigger and I’ve been relatively successful in doing so with Free Photos Free People. My prayer would be to use what God has blessed me with (my photography) to bless others in need. Three thousand dollars was raised last year to benefit victims of sex trafficking in India, Fiji, and right here in Phoenix, AZ. I would love to set a similar goal for 2014! I will keep you posted as opportunities to join me arise!

The Future. Next year is going to bring a lot of exciting new things for KGP- a new website, logo, style, focus…to name a few. The more I do photography, the more I see a need for something true. Something lovely and authentic. Something innocent that seals our most treasured moments in a way we never have before. I want 2014 to be an adventure. I want it to be a time for me to explore new avenues and I want you to join me. This creative process is going to take time and patience is not my strong suit, but I feel God calling me to something more and I can’t ignore it. I’m hoping you’ll be blessed by these efforts as well!

The Images.  Here are some images of the beautiful families I got to photograph this winter. These sweet faces have been through joy, struggles, anticipation, new beginnings, new life, and most importantly LOVE in 2013. I was so blessed to take their photos this Christmas season and want to THANK them for helping me give to the Philippines!

Krupnik-0053 Krupnik-0119 Krupnik-0212 Krupnik Krupnik-0234 Krupnik-0337 Krupnik-0241 Krupnik-0299 Krupnik-0662 Krupnik-0833 Krupnik-0556 Krupnik-0592 Krupnik-0720 Graham Krupnik-0779 Krupnik-0784 Krupnik-0910 Krupnik-0944 Krupnik-0955 Krupnik-1037 Krupnik-1057 Krupnik-1067 Krupnik-1136 Krupnik-1172 Krupnik-1187 Krupnik-1191 Shooter-9694 Shooter-9704 Shooter-9725 Shooter-9750 Shooter-9769 Shooter Shooter-9936 untitled-8870 Harvil untitled-8578 untitled-8593 untitled-8640 untitled-8689 untitled-8731 untitled-8803 untitled-8847 untitled-8876

This Family Session Was Pure Gold.

A few weekends ago I got to photograph the Gold family up in Prescott, AZ. Haha get it? Pure “Gold”? Okay okay. Anywhoo, I brought my fabulous friend Rachael with me and we had such a sweet time with this family. I’ve known Stephanie since High School and it was wonderful to reconnect with her and meet her adorable family. Stephanie is one of few people who can genuinely be described as a little ball of sunshine! She has this uncanny ability to light up a room when she steps into it. Bryan is an unbelievably fun dad- the kid’s faces are proof of this! And the way he loves Stephanie is enchanting. It was so encouraging to get to know their story and hear how God has worked in their lives!

IMG_6705 IMG_6716 IMG_6721 IMG_6724 IMG_6726 IMG_6747 IMG_6764 IMG_6801 IMG_6803 IMG_6821 IMG_6822 IMG_6854 IMG_6872 IMG_6880 IMG_6903 IMG_6932 IMG_6938 IMG_6981 IMG_6983 IMG_6998 IMG_7017 IMG_7020 IMG_7029 IMG_7073 IMG_7074 IMG_7134 IMG_7139 IMG_7148 IMG_7168 IMG_7190 IMG_7223 IMG_7231 IMG_7241 IMG_7243 IMG_7249 IMG_7258 IMG_7291 IMG_7301 IMG_7339 IMG_7352 IMG_7363 IMG_7396 IMG_7399 IMG_7415 IMG_7417

Annie’s Apple Orchard :: Wilcox, AZ

Jon and I have been seriously blessed with some amazing people to live life with. Last Saturday was definitely proof of that.

Eight adults, two newborns, a 2 year old, and an 11 month old made the trek down to Wilcox, Arizona on Saturday. I told my friend Lauren that I was planning on going to Wilcox and her response was, “Oh no, I’m sorry”. Don’t fret though, Wilcox is more than desert wasteland! Out in the middle of nowhere, there is a beautiful apple orchard, (and apparently wine country). I was so excited to get my camera out and document this adventure. This was the first time I’ve really used my camera since Hudson was born, besides his disastrous newborn photos, and I could not be happier with the images of these precious people.

We’ve decided to make this an annual trip and truth be told, I can’t wait til next year!

Apple Annie's IMG_1438 IMG_1460 IMG_1481 IMG_1488 IMG_1495 IMG_1496 IMG_1502 IMG_1510

IMG_1514 IMG_1528 IMG_1530 IMG_1531 IMG_1535 IMG_1543 IMG_1547 IMG_1564 IMG_1587 IMG_1614 IMG_1622 IMG_1640 IMG_1673 IMG_1679 IMG_1696 IMG_1724 IMG_1735 IMG_1756 IMG_1764 IMG_1767 Corn Maze IMG_1781 IMG_1768 Pumpkin 2 Pumpkins IMG_1787 IMG_1791 Levi IMG_1813 IMG_1817 IMG_1834 IMG_1838 IMG_1844 IMG_1776 IMG_1771 IMG_1917 IMG_1871 IMG_1873 IMG_1881 IMG_1887 IMG_1902 IMG_1921 IMG_1927 IMG_1928 Maize

Free Photos Free People :: From PHX to BOM

Hey all!

Last year $3,000 was raised to help rescue women out of sex slavery here in Phoenix, in Fiji, and in India. I wanted to follow up and let y’all know how hard your money is working to do just that!

Let’s Talk Harvest.

What’s Harvest India you ask? Harvest does countless amazing things to help people in need in India, sex-trafficking is just one of them! Check them out HERE. A check for $1,000 was sent to Harvest India the beginning of this year. Where does that money go you ask? You’re so inquisitive! To answer this questions I’d like to introduce you to Jeff Gokee, Chairman of Harvest India USA.


And now, a letter from this strapping gentleman!

Sustainable change…this is what transforms cultures.  At Harvest India this fuels what we do.  We don’t want to just go into the red light districts and bless them for one day; we want to create sustainable systems and solutions.

This year Keira Grace photography partnered with Harvest India to be apart of that change.  With the money donated we’ll be able to continue the process of rescuing these oppressed women, getting them counseling, medical help, housing, food, teaching them a trade, and educating their children.  We stand next to these woman and say that “Jesus will never leave or forsake you, therefore we make the same commitment to you. “ 

I can’t thank Keira Grace Photography enough for your generosity.  While beautiful pictures capture moments in time for us, Keira through Free Photos Free People is not only doing that but also helping create a new picture for these rescued ladies.   

Thanks for being apart of the solution!


Jeff Gokee


Harvest India USA

So it’s true! Your donation to Free Photos Free People has and will make a difference in lives across the globe. Harvest India isn’t the only organization to be blessed by your donation, but we will get into that another time!

Introducing :: Hudson James Kielmeyer!

My poor neglected blog!!! I’m sorry it’s been terribly too long since I’ve updated you! The past month has been the most emotional, challenging, foreign, exciting experience of my life. For those of you who don’t know, my husband Jon and I welcomed a sweet baby boy into the world! He is perfect if I do say so myself. Being a mom is infinitely harder than I ever anticipated, but also more rewarding and fulfilling than I ever dreamed. After four weeks we are finally getting the hang of things and I was freed up today to get a little bit of work done.

Now, deciding to take newborn photos of Hudson myself was probably the dumbest decision ever. I know how much goes into a newborn session and how tiring they can be, but what I didn’t anticipate was how exhausted I was going to be before I even started this session! Needless to say, it was a lot of work and unfortunately I wouldn’t say my best. However, I do believe my baby is particularly handsome so that pretty much saved the day. You would never have guessed he screamed and cried through 90% of the session! Without further adieu, introducing Hudson James Kielmeyer!

IMG_0932 IMG_0935 IMG_0944 IMG_0956BW IMG_0957 IMG_0960 IMG_0972 IMG_0975 IMG_0977 IMG_0998 IMG_1003 IMG_1028-Edit IMG_1046-BW IMG_1051

Jack’s One Year Smash Cake

I can’t believe over a year ago I was taking maternity photos for the Jones family!  Wow, time flies. It has been an amazing blessing watching Jack grow this past year. He just has the sweetest smile! Needless to say, I was stoked to watch him snag his first piece of cake! Congrats Danny and Jennifer, one year down and so many amazing years ahead. Happy Birthday Jack!

IMG_0413 IMG_0425 IMG_0429 IMG_0440 IMG_0443 IMG_0447 IMG_0477 IMG_0493 IMG_0499 IMG_0502 IMG_0511 IMG_0524 IMG_0526 IMG_0528 IMG_0535 IMG_0536 IMG_0552 IMG_0556 IMG_0576 IMG_0595 IMG_0620 IMG_0622

Robertson Bump Lovin’

Maybe it’s my own baby bump that’s attracting me to so many maternity sessions or it could just be the fact that I’m surrounded by six pregnant friends. Whatever it is I’m lovin the baby bumps these days and so is my blog! You might recognize Stephanie from my last post about preggercise. Her and Chris are expecting their sweet baby boy any day now! Their session was so much fun, including a hike to the top of a parking garage, (never a dull moment). I’m so excited to meet Hudson’s future friend. Congrats Robertson’s!

IMG_0641 IMG_0655 IMG_0665 IMG_0709 IMG_0747 IMG_0757 IMG_0771 IMG_0781 IMG_0822 IMG_0830 IMG_0841 IMG_0878 IMG_0880 IMG_0887 IMG_0895


As some of you may know, I’m 8 months pregnant! One of the things I really wanted to be committed to in pregnancy was exercise. I didn’t want to just cancel my gym membership because I was afraid of hurting the baby, but I also didn’t want to keep working out blindly not knowing what was safe or not. I know that exercising while your pregnant can make for a smoother delivery, help you stay in a healthy weight gain range throughout your pregnancy, and really help in losing the baby weight after delivery. There’s definitely a million more benefits to exercise, (pregnant or not) so I needed to find a way to do it safely. Enter Lindsey.

After a brief conversation with my friend Lindsey, a personal trainer, she told me that she wanted to specialize in pregnancy workouts. She had been learning all about trimester specific workouts and even how to get the baby involved in the workout post-pregnancy. I was thrilled! I’m pretty sure we started my sessions almost immediately after that conversation! Since Lindsey comes to my home, it’s been super convenient. I am so incredibly grateful for the difference it’s made throughout my pregnancy. Pregnancy has not been a smooth ride for me, (who would have thought I would be so uncomfortable and exhausted?!) but I can tell that pushing through these workouts and continuing to exercise throughout has made a huge difference so far.

I’ll be blogging again about Preggercise after Hudson comes, but for now I’d love to share some of the marketing photos I did for her. Also, if you’re interested in setting up sessions with Lindsey or simply want more info about Preggercise, you can email her at

IMG_0021 IMG_0015 IMG_0029 IMG_0037 IMG_0068 IMG_0071 IMG_0077 IMG_0082 IMG_0086 IMG_0102 IMG_0108  IMG_0120 IMG_0127 IMG_0133 IMG_0149 IMG_0151 IMG_0156 IMG_0163 IMG_0178 IMG_0199 IMG_0209

Big thanks to my models: Jessica Lambros- 2nd trimester, Lauren Johnstun- 3rd Trimester, and Stephanie Robertson- 3rd Trimester

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Tomao!

Katie and I grew up together in dance so I was thrilled to hear from her that she was getting married and wanted me to photograph it! There’s something special about photographing a wedding when you know the couple. Although I didn’t know Tyson before they hired me, it sure felt like I did. He has the sweetest, friendliest disposition and I immediately knew why Katie fell in love with him. They are perfect for each other. Their big day at Inspirador was gorgeous! A huge thanks to Diana with Simply D Photography for helping me capture this wedding. Congratulations Tyson & Katie!!

IMG_0970 IMG_0049 IMG_0024 Getting Ready 4 Getting Ready 2 IMG_0018-2 Getting Ready 5 IMG_0230 IMG_0131 IMG_0158 IMG_0072-2 IMG_0087 IMG_0144BW Getting Ready 7 Getting Ready 9 Getting Ready Getting Ready 3 IMG_0205 Getting Ready 6 First Look First Look 4 First look 2 First Look 6 IMG_0633 IMG_0680 First Look 5 Bridal Party IMG_0487 IMG_0741 Ceremony Ceremony 4 Ceremony 5 Ceremony 3 IMG_0484-2 IMG_0869 IMG_0883 IMG_0422 Reception 7 Reception 6 IMG_0729 IMG_0910 IMG_0357 Reception Reception 8 IMG_0955 Reception 5 IMG_0163-2 IMG_0126-2 IMG_1211 Reception 4 IMG_0470-2 Reception 2 IMG_1133 IMG_1267 IMG_1273 IMG_1451 Reception 3 IMG_1476